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Port de Grave Peninsula Tourism Development Strategy


port de grave peninsula tourism development strategy

Description / The spectacular Port de Grave Peninsula features a breathtaking landscape, traditional built form, a bustling working harbour, numerous coves and beaches, and several unique cultural landscape features. The local Heritage Society wanted to develop a tourism strategy that would highlight these assets, tell their stories, and attract visitors to the area. As part of a multidisciplinary team, Mills & Wright consulted with stakeholders and led a detailed landscape assessment of signage, trails, and natural and cultural features throughout the peninsula. The goal was to identify potential tourism attractions and devise a strategy to develop them responsibly over time. Our approach aimed to tread lightly on the land, allowing the natural landscape and built form to take centre stage as a one-of-a-kind tourism experience. Soft interventions were recommended to enhance the overall visitor experience such as rest areas, shared trails, trailheads, wayfinding, and interpretation.


Client / Port de Grave Peninsula Heritage Society

Location / Port de Grave, NL

Date Completed / January 2019

Project Team / Pat Curran + Associates, Butland Communications, Higenell Whalen Architecture

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Aerial images provided by Wayne A. Morgan